What the petitions signers are saying to Brown

From the comments section on the petition to Brown University to keep Taft Avenue Daycare Center open:

“I am so disappointed if the daycare will be shut down. I just planned to send my daughter in this summer. I sincerely hope President will change the mind.” Research Fellow

“As a childless student, I stand in solidarity with those who care for children at Brown.” Student

“I am a parent of 3 children. And though I do not use the Taft facility as I live in MA, I believe that providing affordable daycare is critical.  This seems like a completely backwards approach to daycare for the Brown community. Not only is 3 months ridiculously short notice in the current daycare environment where reservation of slots is often required for babies 6-12 months head of time, so this short notice is dreadful and completely irresponsible on Brown’s part.  My father, now retired, ran an organization of close to 1,000 employees for close to 20 years and he was most proud of providing affordable on-site day care.  I would have thought Brown to be more forward looking than a company thinking about day care in the early 1990’s.  This is very sad. ” Faculty

“While my children are now 21 and 15 yrs old, when I first arrived at Brown the challenge of finding quality infant care so I could set up my lab and research program was nearly impossible.  I’m afraid we are severely handicapping many talented men and women who join the Brown faculty because so much of their time is spent trying to balance sub-optimal child care with their scholarly pursuits. ” Faculty

“A daycare is a critical resource in any community. If it costs too much to maintain, let’s make it more cost-efficient – this can be done. But there is no justification for excluding parents from studying and working at Brown, some of whom may be our most impassioned and motivated peers.”  Student

“This daycare plan should be one of the last things that Brown University should even consider cutting.  It is a great resource to the faculty at Brown, and could be reason enough for a student or faculty member to end their time at this institution.” Student

“Closing the day care center is a decision that is not only highly insensitive to the parents who currently utilize it, but it sends a message that Brown as an institution that is not inclusive to those who may want to have children. Closing such an institution will disproportionally affect low income staff, faculty & students, not to mention as females. To me, such a decision is sending the message that motherhood is not compatible with pursuing a career, a ridiculous assertion. Brown cannot neglect its role to support all faculty, staff and students. ” Student

“I have worked at Brown for nearly 5 years and am expecting my first child this summer. I have been signed up for months to start my child at Taft in November. Having my child in a nearby daycare that is part of the Brown community is vital to me. Access to this service is one of the many good reasons I have remained a loyal employee of Brown. Please save Taft!” Staff

“My daughter just turned 3 and we hated having to leave Taft at that point.  To find out that the Center will be closed completely is just shocking.  An expectant friend and co-worker was scheduled to bring her child to Taft in a few months, and I can’t imagine how she must feel right now, knowing that she will have to find alternative childcare arrangements.” Staff

“Brown cannot hope to remain competitive in recruiting new faculty or graduate students without child day care.  It is among the top list of things that is asked about whenever a faculty or graduate student with children or a spouse is interviewing at Brown, and asking incoming faculty to make a decision between having affordable and convenient daycare for their children somewhere else, or coming to Brown and not having that option, is going to seriously impede all the progress that Brown has made in the last few years in becoming a competitive research environment. This is an absolutely unacceptable funding cut, and not only does it fly in the face of common sense, but it also sends Brown backwards in time, encouraging “stay-at-home” families and discouraging especially women from having professional careers as well as family lives. I am incredibly ashamed of my institution for this decision, and I earnestly hope that this petition will allow the leadership at Brown to see the importance of a daycare center to Brown’s reputation and quality.” Graduate Student

“Brown should be supporting, not discouraging, people who wish to combine a life in academia with having children. What is especially frustrating about this decision is how disproportionately it will affect women. I truly don’t understand the reasoning behind it.” Student

“We alums care too.  Having been a co-founder of the Sarah Doyle Center in the early 70’s, I’m certainly dismayed to see Brown backsliding so notably in your attention to women’s and families’ issues, more than 30 years later. Exactly what does this decision say about the University’s values? I hate to think. OK, fine, bringing the center up to standards may be a challenge – but surely not one that a great university can’t handle. It’s time to do the right – and smart – thing.” Alum

“C’mon Brown – this is disgraceful. ” Alum


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