Over 800 signatures: more from the comments

From the comments on the petition to stop the closing of the Taft Avenue Daycare center at Brown University:

“”The level of support for parents at Brown was already much lower than an institution that brands itself as socially responsible should be able to live with. Brown needs to understand this: Good scholars have children too. And if you’re not willing to take that into account I am sure other institutions will.” Graduate Student

“I am neither a parent nor planning to become one soon, however it is our responsibility as a community to support the people with children at Brown who make this university run as much as the rest of us.” Graduate Student

“I am still trying to figure out how this move forms part of Brown’s effort of facilitating graduate students to go through the program faster, which is one of the newly introduced changes? Or, for that matter, how does this make the transition into an academic career easier for junior faculty and post docs? Actions speak louder than words, they say. This is quite true in this instance and Brown would be wise to take a minute to understand what this regressive step says about their brand name and its marketability to incoming grad students and young faculty members.  ” Graduate Student

“This must be provided by any decent employer and especially by our alma mater! Class of ’82” Alum

“Brown University should honor its commitment to a diverse and varied community, including support for programs such as day care.  They make it possible for students whose lives do not fit an overly narrowly and outdated mold to succeed at Brown.” Graduate Student

“Although I am not a parent, I am an older non-traditional medical student. At some point in my career, well before I finish my training, I will have to have children or risk health consequences. Thus, I believe it is important to maintain childcare for children of students, faculty and staff.  I have many friends who have completed medical school or graduate school with children, but they have often said they could only have done this with institutional support and childcare. I, myself, was a product of such an environment. My mother was junior faculty in the sciences at another ivy league institution when she gave birth to me 30 years ago. Without the daycare support provided by that institution, I sincerely wonder whether my mother would have been able to achieve the success she has been able to achieve. Our educational years and the early years of our professional careers are important times to thrive. For many women, it is also the  only time we can have children without risking our own health or that of our child. I hope Brown will continue to support women and our decisions to have both families and careers and reinstate this childcare program for children under the age of 3. Thank you for considering this. ” Medical Student

“As a grad student at Brown, though not a parent, I fully support Brown’s faculty and graduate student base that rely on quality, daytime childcare to balance their schoolwork with raising a family. Given the tremendous amount of resources that Brown cultivates and invests in its undergraduate students, it is disappointing to see Brown divest in its graduate students and young faculty members just starting a family. Providing the resources for a child daycare center will not only keep Brown’s graduate programs competitive with its peer institutions, but will also demonstrate Brown’s commitment to its graduate students, faculty, and future families growing with the Brown community. Financial decisions are tough year-to-year and programs always get cut—its inevitable. Don’t let this be one of them! Find the money, make it happen!” Graduate Student

“I am flabbergasted that this is happening. As a former Brown graduate, now living in Europe, and seeing first hand, how advanced Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are in supporting working women with infants, I am ashamed that my Alma Mater would even consider, cutting such benefits. ” Alum

“As the Rabbi and spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Sholom, a vibrant Synagogue on the East side of Providence, I can say that the decision to close this day care is a tremendous blow to those interested in raising families in our community.  It is a sad statement of misplaced priorities and should be reconsidered immediately.” Community Member

“Why are we still having to fight for this in 2012?” Alum

“”I’m an alum and a PhD and a feminist and a mother and I find this deeply troubling.  Please address the matter with broad smart thinking not short-sighted financial bottom lines.” Alum

“Bad decision!!! Dartmouth’s childcare center is spectacular, and made a huge difference in my kids’ lives. We would never have considered leaving the college once our kids started there, because it is such an incredible resource. Don’t lose good staff  because Brown can’t offer child care!” Alum

“Brown’s peers all realize that they need to assist parents of infants and toddlers with the provision of day care. Failure to so at Brown can only make it harder to recruit new faculty which would be very disappointing especially when one of the major recruiting advantages we have is touting Brown, Providence and RI as a wonderful place to live and raise a family.” Staff member

“”As someone who had children during graduate school, I can attest that affordable daycare is a critical issue for young families, particularly when they are on very limited graduate incomes.  My sons are in school now, so I was not aware of the Brown daycare situation.  This sounds completely unacceptable for any university, let alone a liberal arts, Ivy League school.  The university should put its money where its mouth is.” Faculty

” I implore you, if Taft must close, take this opportunity to establish an even better daycare option for the many postdoc parents at Brown University.  Let Brown be a leader in family friendly policies, not a lagger.” Staff Member

“I am a Brown PhD student. Although I do not yet have children, I believe easy access to employer daycare is essential to allow women to work equally with men. This is definitely a step in the wrong direction. Financial woes should not be an excuse for tactics that could negatively affect women over men. ” Graduate Student

“Could this cutback be a result of the decision to give Providence $8M per year?” Faculty


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