What the Brown community is saying about the Taft closing – more excerpts

Comments from the petition to reconsider the closing of the Taft Avenue Daycare center:

“This is both entirely unacceptable and entirely predictable – it’s time for the University to acknowledge its responsibilities to affiliated parents. To remain competitive and to attract top talent at every level, Brown must provide quality, affordable childcare to members of its community. That the Taft avenue facility was overcrowded and run-down has often been noted; much less well-publicized has been the long (often up to one year) waitlist for new arrivals. In the past, Taft’s wonderful and talented staff have made up for facility and funding shortcomings. Now, the University seems to have abandoned it entirely. This petition is sorely needed.” Faculty

“This is devastating to the Brown community and their families. Our peer institutions provide this type of care to their faculty, staff and students. For Brown to disadvantage those families with infants/toddlers ages 0-3 years is absurd. Quality childcare is a necessary investment on the part of the University for the well-being of their faculty, staff, and students.” Student

“Closing down Brown University’s only Child Care facility is unfair and in poor taste on Brown’s part. In comparison with other school that have multiple day care centers, Brown was already in bad standing with only one. By closing the center, the university will be losing a large benefit for people who want to work here. It is important that the university support parents so that no one has to choose whether to have a family or to work.” Student

“This decision and the way it was handled by Brown university does not make any sense and is not appropriate for an institution of such caliber.” Alumnus

“Given the shortage of high quality, affordable daycare options in Providence, Brown will make life much more difficult for its graduate students and staff if it fails to provide daycare. And it is unconscionable that Brown has given current families less than 4 months notice that Taft Avenue Daycare will close when daycare waiting lists in Providence are often 1 year long (or more!). I urge the administration to reconsider this short-sighted and insensitive decision.” Graduate Student

“If Brown truly values women as equal participants in the life of the University, there is no better place to put its resources as proof.” Alumna

“This flies in the face of the buzzwords and mission statements about being committed to excellence and creating the support networks in a community which allow its members to pursue that goal of excellence. An ethically grounded and reflexive institution of higher education has the obligation to participate in the provision of childcare. I have taught at several universities, all of which possess far fewer resources than Brown, and all of which provide a higher standard of childcare than Brown did even with the Taft Ave. facility.

If the figures representing Brown in the public eye are able to maintain a straight face while claiming there are great and wonderful support networks at the university, and foreclosing opportunities while they claim this, it is disgusting. It will grossly affect the quality of thought and teaching that can happen at the institution, and demonstrate that for all of the lofty goals of the institution, supporting family structures is not one of them.” Faculty

“In 5 years at Brown this is the most ill conceived decision I believe Brown has made. It is regressive, in general, and, specifically, harmful to women in academics.” Graduate Student

“You are undercutting the benefit package that we were all hired under.” Postdoc

“Please help hardworking intelligent people stay in school and at work. Brown would not be what it is if it were not for its faculty and students. I would like to say that this would disproportionately hurt women, but in fact eliminating day care would really hurt everyone.” Student

“Although I do not have children- and, in all likelihood, will not- it is vital that Brown maintain childcare services in order to remain attractive to graduate students and faculty as compared to peer institutions.” Graduate Student


One thought on “What the Brown community is saying about the Taft closing – more excerpts

  1. I have no children, but even I can see the benefits and advantage to having a secure day care center that the Brown family can feel comfortable entrusting their children to.

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