Faculty, Students, Alums voice opposition to Taft Avenue Daycare Closing

Excerpts from the comment on the petition to Brown University to keep Taft Avenue Daycare open:

“One of the reason I decided to join the Brown faculty was the “family friendly” policies of the university. I hope we continue to maintain our strengths and strive to eventually take the lead in this area.” Faculty

“”Staff and faculty depend on this center. Historically, the loss of daycare disproportionately effects women (as well as their children). This is a vital and basic issue that requires immediate redress.” Faculty

“Child care issues are fundamental to attracting and retaining faculty and these issues still affect women more than men. Brown needs to provide more, not less, opportunities to help students and faculty succeed in balancing work and family.” Faculty

“To attract the best student and faculty to Brown, we must reach out to the widest populations. We readily appeal to minorities to keep a balanced community. It is no different to reach out to persons with families. The latter provide significant role models for undergraduates who might consider going on to higher education. Yes, . . . you can have a family yet lead a rich professional life. Or, . . . maybe not! Not if the Administration has a choice. I am very disappointed in the priorities the University has set.” Faculty

“This decision particularly affects members of the Brown community who have relatively low incomes — graduate students and staff — thus, it works against support and inclusion of lower socioeconomic classes at Brown. As Vice Chair of Brown’s Diversity Advisory Board, I am extremely disappointed in this decision and the way in which it was handled without input from those who are affected.” Faculty

“As a faculty member, I have urged the administration for years to take seriously the need to support students, staff and faculty at Brown in their reasonable demands for daycare options. The availability of low-cost, high-quality childcare is a critical part of a productive and successful workplace, as reported in numerous studies.” Faculty

“This is terrible!” Alumnus

“If Brown can afford all of the extravagant equipment in the new gym, as well as amenities like the new Medical School Building’s clinical skills rooms (which are nicer than most doctors’ offices), it should be able to afford to maintain this essential service for students and staff with young children. I am a not a parent, yet I still believe that the closure of the Daycare Center is far from the most reasonable course of action.” Medical Student

“Closing this day care center for infants and young children is a major problem for many of our faculty and staff. Brown has made considerable efforts to create equal and unbiased labor practices. Closing this center discriminates against young (mostly) female faculty and staff who have children now. This is problematic for all concerned. But it is especially problematic for young female faculty, and will seriously hamper their ability to be productive for promotion. Closing this center will create a hostile workplace at Brown. ” Faculty

“As a pediatrician, I recognize the essential nature of safe and reliable childcare to a family’s well being. As a member of the medical school’s administration, I recognize its importance to our staff and to our students, many of whom are at the stage in their lives when they will become parents. Although I recognize the many demands on our institution’s resources, I support this petition in the hope that a childcare program will be given the high priority that it deserves.” Faculty

“Brown deserves an “”F”” on this one and we owe it to the rest of the community to do the right thing and fix this problem and not just wash our hands of it and walk away. Quality day care is a necessity in our society today and it is my understanding that Taft’s day care is representative of the excellence that Brown professes and often displays.” Staff

“As an alumna, I’m disturbed to hear about this move. Please protect valuable assistance to families.” Alumna


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