From the petition so far

The petition has reached 500 signatures so far and counting. Excerpts from the comments:

“I am about to join Brown as a new faculty member in CS. My wife is currently pregnant and one of the reasons why I considered Brown in the first place, was that they offered infant child care. I will also mention my concern to my new department chair and I really hope, that the university will reconsider its decision.” Incoming Faculty

“Leaving our 2.5 month old at a daycare was one of the most difficult decisions I and my husband (both graduate students working hard to reach important milestones in our programs) had to make. At Taft, having met the teachers and staff, and knowing that some of my Brown friends’ children are currently enrolled there were crucial testimonies to what a safe and closely-nit community it provided.” Taft parent

“My son has been at Taft since he was a little baby and has received excellent care. Without Taft Ave and its excellent teachers, I might not even be a doctoral student right now, I would have dropped out. Please provide a solution.” Taft parent

“This is an inexcusable outrage.” Graduate student

“As a co-director of a graduate program, it’s essential to have affordable and convenient day-care for children of graduate students” Faculty

“My son attended Taft for almost 1.5 years. I ultimately took him out, because of both the crowded size of the space, and the (lack of) quality of his care. So I can see the sense of closing the center in its current incarnation. But something much better needs to be made available in its place. So I am signing this petition in the hopes that Brown owns up to a long-overdue responsibility to make available a higher, more appropriate level of childcare to for Brown-affiliated families.” Former Taft parent

“A safe and secure environment for children is essential for productive employees. Providing it increases dedication and commitment to the institution. Our two children thrived under the care of the staff at Taft and we were grateful and relieved to have its help. Rather than close the center, it would be wonderful if the university upgraded the quality of the facilities to match the quality of the care.” Faculty

“As a female faculty member and a mother, I know personally how critical it is to have quality infant and pre-school child care available. This closure decision makes recruiting and retention harder for female (and male) post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty. It makes academic advancement & promotion more challenging. As a research group head, I know that finding quality affordable child care is critical for the post-doctoral fellows working in my laboratory. Three of them have infants!
My NIH-funded research programs at Brown depend on their ability to find child care. Frankly, it is short-sighted and embarrassing for Brown to close their only infant care facility. It astounds me that the university would take this course.” Faculty

“What kind of place – that prides itself on being one of the largest employers in this small state – has such a disregard for the fundamental issues in the lives of their employees: their ability to support and maintain a healthy family; and to be healthy and productive people in their work at Brown and in their own lives. Brown has parties for its dignitaries that cost more than it takes to run that day care for months. Forget about the pomp of Bear Day once a year. Save the money and put it into people’s ability to manage their real lives in a very difficult economic environment. Brown is nothing without its people and as the University chooses to follow the corporate business model, chase the dollars and play catch up to its ‘peer institutions’ it should be mindful of this. Brown University should be very ashamed of this latest of many callous decisions, made by people for whom they are of no consequence other than to fatten their paychecks.” Staff

“Brown University should have a state-of-the-art child care facility dedicated to serving the community that serves the University.” Graduate student

“I am bewildered by this decision. I would not have come to Brown if Taft had not been an option. Both my kids went there, and I have helped recruit over 10 junior faculty over the years in part by telling them what a great place Taft was. I don’t know how this decision was made or the details, but if there is no alternative plan to Taft, then this will be catastrophic to Brown’s ability to attract the best junior faculty and graduate students. ” Faculty


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